Wheathampstead to Shaw’s Corner circular walk

Seeing as the majority of the bank holiday weekend was completely awful I decided to make the most of the moderately nice weather on Monday and go for a bit of a walk. I found this one on the National Trust website however the map wasn’t great and a few of the physical features used as markers on the instructions have changed too. Here’s my actual GPS track for you to follow with various mistakes removed.

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Using HTML Input for state

It has long bugged me that some interactive elements require JavaScript to work.

  • If you defer JavaScript until the end as you should be there may well be a delay before elements start working
  • If you accidentally push broken code your interactive elements stop working completely. And if that’s a menu for example, your users are screwed
  • A lot of these interactive elements use 3rd party libraries which are very heavy, jQuery for example. In a world where mobile device browser share is huge page weight is important

With the ever diminishing share of Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 users we can now start making use of more advanced CSS selectors to perform this task.

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Simple BYOD on Android Lollipop

BYOD has become am almost essential part of my job, working across multiple time zones would be a nightmare without it. With the introduction of Android L it just got a whole lot easier!

Before Android L you were stuck with a single user account and if you added a business ActiveSync email account to your device your entire device was bound by the ActiveSync security policy, and for me that meant an 8 digit pin to get into my device and authority to remove wipe the entire device. This was unacceptable as it made quickly and easily using the device for personal reasons that much more difficult.

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